Get more customers for your cafe or coffee house

People are already finding your business online through sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp. Repuzen helps convert your web visitors into real customers.

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Growth Website

Grow 10% more sales from your auto website

Our growth websites convert more of your cafes web visitors to sales so you can focus more on your customer experience and less on website management.

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Get reviews

Get more reviews to build trust with visitors

A visitor will turn to review sites as a way of verifying if a cafe is reputable or not. Having a positive review means you maximise the likelihood of turning them into a customer

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Boost your cafes search rankings

It is proven that having a positive online review profile for your cafe or coffee house can increase search rankings on Google. This means if a potential customer is searching for phrases like 'cafes near me' they are more likely to find you at the top of the search!


This results in you getting powerful leads since many of these searches are already expressing a buyer mindset.

Build a better online reputation for your cafe

Cafe owners may worry that not all reviews are positive and negative ones may leave a bad impression. Repuzen catches negative feedback before it reaches your review profiles. We first ask customers to rate your business from one to ten using the NPS metric. Low scores are automatically sent to leave feedback for you to respond too. Positive responses are pushed to leave a review.


Many businesses heavily depend on word of mouth recommendations. Online reviews for cafes are the modern day word of mouth. Learn more about what review sites your customers use in our list of top review sites for cafes.

Convert more web visitors to customers