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Get reviews

The easy way to get more online reviews

Build reviews the easy way with our Get Reviews platform. Request customers to leave you a rating and send positive responses to chosen sites such as Google and Facebook.

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Boost your search rankings

Having positive reviews on sites such as Google has been proven to provide real value to your websites organic search performance. It has recently been estimated that reviews now account for around 10% of ranking factors – a missed opportunity for many!

In-Store mode

Our In-Store mode helps local businesses to earn reviews from within their store. Setup Repuzen on a tablet and ask in person for customers to rate your business. Positive responses are later emailed and asked to leave a review on your chosen review profiles.

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manage and respond to reviews

Manage and respond to reviews

All your customer feedback is recorded in our secure database. Using the contact dashboard you can easily filter by rating and read feedback in one place.

Easily respond to customers via email to solve issues, or reward your most positive customers with vouchers. Update your contact responses so you can keep track of who has and hasn’t received responses.

Net Promoter Score - a proven method

Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures exactly what your users think of your customer experience. Our platform uses NPS because it’s a proven metric trusted by companies worldwide.

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Reviews lead to sales

More consumers are being influenced by online reviews than ever before. If you are not using a review strategy you could be leaving money on the table.