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Generate reviews to help build revenue

Studies show increasing your star rating by just 1-star can help build revenue by 39%. By generating more positive reviews it not only helps to attract new customers but also lowers the impact of negative and fake reviews.


According to search company Moz, 10.3% of a business's SEO presence is based upon online reviews.


Gather customer feedback and discover insights

Reviews are a powerful way to gain direct feedback from your customers. Our platform not only helps to build positive reviews but also filters the negative, so you can resolve issues and improve processes.  


Recent reports show 33% of customers leave a review when the experience was really good or really bad.

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Visualize your business reputation over time

With our dashboard you can quickly track your review performance over time. Discover which review sites are most important to your customers so you can maximise your review strategy impact.


Market performance shows Google accounts for 57.5% of all reviews worldwide followed closely by Facebook.