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The Top Cafe Review Sites

Good reviews can make a world of difference when it comes to spreading the word about your cafe. Customers are far more likely to visit your business if other people are praising your pastries and raving about how delicious your coffee is. To stay competitive, you’ll want to get your cafe close to a 5 star rating on the top review sites. But which sites are worth your time? Let’s take a look at some of the best review sites for your cafe.

When planning our holidays, a lot of us (463 million per month to be precise) turn to Tripadvisor to recommend the best places to stay and things to do. As well as activities and accommodation, Tripadvisor also allows business owners to create pages for cafes and restaurants. You can specify the kind of food and mealtimes you offer, and features such as delivery and table service. Your cafe’s listing can also provide contact info and links to your website. Tripadvisor offers a free Basic package to create your listing and start receiving reviews, while its Premium plan gives you access to advanced features like custom dynamic photos and in-depth performance data.

Users looking for a bite to eat can search by location, cuisine, price and other criteria to find your cafe. They’ll be able to see your cafe’s average rating and how many total reviews it has. When users pen their own review, they can rate your cafe out of five and leave a lengthy account of the time they had accompanied by a catchy title. Reviews also show when each customer visited your eatery.

OpenTable is another popular review site for restaurants and cafes, seating over one billion diners every year. The site functions similarly to Tripadvisor, but with a focus on food rather than general travel. Customers can look up your cafe by name or find it by searching for location and cuisine, along with the time they want to eat and the size of their group. Customers rate your cafe out of five stars based on food, service and ambience criteria, which results in an overall review score.

One of the great things about OpenTable is its reservation system, which allows you to manage your table status from within the site’s dashboard. OpenTable offers three pricing plans, ranging from Basic (£19 per month), which allows you to set up a profile and manage reviews, to Pro (£299 per month), which includes advanced features like customer relationship management.

Restaurant listing site Zomato started out in India and has grown to operate in 24 countries around the world since its launch in 2010. Zomato allows cafe and restaurant owners to create listings for reviews and let customers order food through their website. Creating a listing and receiving reviews for your cafe on Zomato is completely free, with the additional option to sign up to the site’s food ordering system.

Customers can leave a written review and rate your establishment out of five stars. Zomato’s search function works by selecting a location and searching for a cafe/restaurant name, cuisine or specific dish. Listings show up in the results page with the address, opening hours, star rating and number of reviews.

Launched in 2004, Yelp is a popular source of user reviews for all kinds of different businesses. Its recommendation software is designed to make sure every business has a level playing field and is completely separate from the site’s advertising. As well as providing listing pages for customer reviews, Yelp offers a subscription service called Yelp for Restaurants with a range of partner features such as waitlists, reservations, content marketing and more. If you’re just interested in reviews though, it’s completely free to sign up and create your cafe listing at

Customers looking for a cafe like yours can use simple search terms like ‘cafe’, ‘coffee’ or ‘cake’ paired with a city name or their current location to bring up the search results. These results are accompanied by a handy map on the right side of the screen that gives a visual idea of where each business can be found. One great thing about Yelp is that it features a fake review filter to weed out questionable reviews from users whose details or opinions don’t add up.

Beautyseeker’s listings are a little basic compared to the other directories we’ve mentioned, as there are no options to include things like a gallery or an overview of your beauty salon or spa. What you can do is provide your business address, select your appointment policy and whether or not you sell products from a dropdown menu. From there, you have the option to tick all of the services you provide from a list and select your opening hours, as well as link your contact info and social media accounts. While less flashy than other directories, is really easy to set up, provides customers with important information about your business, and doesn’t cost you a cent. If you are interested in earning more yelp reviews, check out our blog post

Starting out as a location-based check-in service in 2009, Foursquare has since evolved into a popular review and recommendation site for food, shopping and entertainment venues. Users can search for cafes in a certain location in their browser or through the company’s smartphone app. Just like Yelp, Foursquare provides an interactive map alongside the results.

Your listing page will show the average review score out of 10 along with the total number of reviews, which can be sorted by popularity or how recently they were added. Customers can upload photos with their written reviews and upvote or downvote reviews they agree or disagree with. To claim a listing page for your cafe, head to

Gayot has been a trusted guide to the best dining, hotels and attractions for over 50 years. It was founded by André Gayot, Henri Gault and Chistian Milau, who together coined the term ‘nouvelle cuisine’ at the start of the 70s. The company started off with guidebooks and now runs a website listing the best cafes and restaurants in major cities across the USA and some international locations.

Gayot is a little different to the other sites on this list, as each review is written by a professional critic rather than the general public. The site uses a 20 point rating system to judge things like the food, decor, service and ambience. Gayot’s long history as an established review company makes it a great option for building trust and attracting new customers to your cafe. To submit your cafe for review, you need to email and provide your name and contact info along with your website and a short description of your cafe.

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