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The Top Review Sites for Spa and Beauty Salons

Getting your brand out there can be a tricky business, especially if your spa or beauty salon is newly opened. As a business owner, it’s up to you to make sure your treatments and services are getting the attention they deserve in the search engine results. Digital marketing can be a real help when building recognition, and one of the easiest and most beneficial steps you can take is to get your business set up on a listings site.

Unsure of where to start? We’ve put together a list of some of the best online directories to help your spa or beauty salon attract new customers. Listing sites tend to cater to different countries and often specific services as well. Making sure your business is up there on broader listing sites is important, but it can also be a good idea to get a listing up on more niche sites that are focused on services your spa or beauty salon offers.

SpaFinder has been around since the 80s and it remains one of the best directories for customers to find a spa or beauty salon near them. The great thing about SpaFinder is that it caters to both small businesses and larger enterprises all around the world, so whether you’re an independent professional – like a stylist or massage therapist – or run your own resort or destination spa, it’s easy for you to become a partner.

The way SpaFinder works is a little different to some of the other names on this list. Customers buy SpaFinder gift cards in local shops near your business, and when they go to the website and search for a location, your spa or salon is displayed on the results. Spafinder offers two different subscription packages, both of which cost a monthly fee. Standard, which costs $10 per month, lets you accept gift cards and reach more customers by displaying your listing with pictures, videos and links to your own site. There’s also the premium package, which gives you everything that standard does along with priority ranking in the search results. This comes at a higher price of $79 per month, but could be worth it for the greater exposure and gift card redemptions your spa or beauty salon will receive. is another listings site that attracts customers to your spa or beauty salon by offering gift cards for discounts on treatments. Unlike SpaFinder, Wayspa focuses solely on locations in Canada, which could help your listing stand out if that’s where you’re based. Thousands of searches are performed every month on, so it’s a great option for increasing your exposure. Wayspa listings can generate unlimited customer leads, and you’ll be notified of each one by email. All of your past leads are archived in your listing manager, allowing you to track your growth.

When you partner with Wayspa, you’ll be able to create a page or ‘mini-site’ for your spa or beauty salon with all the important information your customer needs, like an about section, treatment and package menus, a photo gallery and contact information. Customers can find your business by searching for service types or entering a location. They’ll be able to leave reviews on your page, which can build trust and attract even more returning customers. Something we really like about Wayspa is that you can sign up completely free with their basic package, which is a good way to test the waters before diving into their premium package at $79 per month. With a premium listing, you’ll gain access to a full mini-site, better search placement, email promotion opportunities and a handful of other features. is geared towards cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, so it can be a real boon to have your business listed there if you’re able to offer specialised beauty services such as hair removal, teeth whitening, wrinkle treatment, chemical peels, or even surgical solutions. RealSelf prides itself on promoting honesty and transparency for its customers, so listings prioritise customer reviews and information about your experience and qualifications.

When you create a listing on, you have the option to upload a gallery of unedited photos and videos, and include a Q&A section where customers can ask questions and receive feedback. You can also highlight procedures that you’re known for in your listing’s overview. Setting up a profile is free, simply provide information about yourself and your business to get started. Realself doesn’t focus on any specific country, so you can sign up from anywhere in the world. is the largest directory of beauty salons and spas across the USA, making it too important to ignore if your business is based in the states. The best part about Beautyseeker is that it’s completely free to sign up and create your listing, so there’s really no downside as you won’t have to weigh up the benefits of a monthly fee. Customers can choose the type of service they’re looking for, the products they’re after or the city they’re in from dropdown menus on the site’s homepage. They can also enter their postal code to bring up relevant listings.

Beautyseeker’s listings are a little basic compared to the other directories we’ve mentioned, as there are no options to include things like a gallery or an overview of your beauty salon or spa. What you can do is provide your business address, select your appointment policy and whether or not you sell products from a dropdown menu. From there, you have the option to tick all of the services you provide from a list and select your opening hours, as well as link your contact info and social media accounts. While less flashy than other directories, is really easy to set up, provides customers with important information about your business, and doesn’t cost you a cent.

It’s time to talk about hair extensions. On the surface, this one may seem a little niche, but narrowing down the amount of competing beauty salon listings can only work in your favour. You don’t necessarily have to specialise in hair extensions to list your business on either; attract new customers by advertising a specific service they’re after and they’ll be able to see all the other things you can do for them once they walk through the door of your salon. primarily caters to customers across the USA, with directories for all fifty states. Don’t let that put you off if your salon is based elsewhere in the world though, the site also has directories for the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Canada. As the website states, they are happy to create a directory for your country if it doesn’t exist, just contact them via email or by calling their head office in Santa Rosa, California. Listings on are on the simple side, with your business name, address and phone number appearing under your home city, but once again they are completely free. You have the option of paying for a standard listing at $4.95 per month, which places your listing before the free ones to ensure it stands out to potential customers. is another directory that allows you to get started without paying a single cent. Run by the world leaders in salon marketing, Salon Guru, works with, which lets customers find salons in the USA and Canada, the UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and other countries around the world. They can search by location or salon name and will find a handy map of local salons in their search area above the listings in the results page. Once your spa or beauty salon is listed there, you can go ahead and add’s additional tools.

One of the most useful tools that offers is its late deals system. The idea behind this is that you’ll be able to promote your services that could do with a little more attention and fill cancellations. You’ll have complete control over the deals you offer, which is a big plus when running your own business. Other tools that offer include a reviews system to help build and manage your online reputation and a ‘social salon’ service, which posts to social media every time your customers connect to your salon’s wifi, effectively doing your marketing for you.

Which listing site is the best for you?

You may be wondering which of these is the best choice for your spa or beauty salon. After all, some directories require a monthly subscription and it can be costly to sign up to more than one. The answer really depends on the type of business you run. As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to make yourself stand out in niche marketplaces, so if you’re based in Canada it makes sense to go with a site like, where there are no international spas or salons vying for your customers’ attention. Likewise, finding a specialised directory such as can really help set your business apart, so don’t be afraid to search for other listings sites that focus on your area of expertise.

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