Review Sites That Impact Your Local Business

Review Sites That Really Impact Your Local Business

The online world has snowballed and has become a powerful platform for customers expressing and sharing their opinions. Consumers now have a greater impact on influencing people’s opinions regarding a certain business like restaurants, plumbing, cafes, pubs, car dealers and realtors.

To build a successful business, you need to know how these review sites for local businesses can affect your business, know the various sites, what kind of reviews they are after and how to handle the local business reviews.

Local business review sites can affect your business either positively or negatively. When thinking of these review sites, it is highly probable that the first thing that comes to mind is Google. Although there are several review sites online, this post will focus on:

  1. Google My Business 
  2. Facebook
  3. Yelp
  4. TripAdvisor
  5. Trustpilot

Google My Business

Having a Google My Business account will help you set up a business profile on such review sites for local businesses that will enable you to connect with customers. By setting up a business profile, you will be able to post photos of your business or even post offers. Posting these will make your business stand out from the rest and give customers plenty of reasons to choose your business all the time.

You can connect with your customers where they can connect with you by calling, messaging or leaving reviews. Getting reviews from your customers will enable you to improve your business to improve customer service.

Google my business enables you to have access and see how customers interact with your business through reviewing their calls, bookings and follows. Start managing your business today by setting up an account with Google my business and keeping up with customer reviews.


Facebook is one of the most prolific social media platforms. This is crucial for your business because most of your customers are on Facebook and you ought to have good social media skills to connect with your customers. Apart from posting appealing content on Facebook for your customers, you also need to have many positive local business reviews and handle them well.

It happens that many people use Facebook more than Google to get reviews before making any purchases because Facebook is their most trusted site for reviews. Start managing your Facebook reviews by asking your customers to leave their reviews both online and personally.

Read the reviews and know the opinions that your customers have of your business. This will help you share more relevant content on your Facebook and make any necessary changes to your business.

Acknowledge any negative reviews. As much as you won’t wish to receive any negative reviews, it’s a perfect opportunity to know your business’s shortcomings and make the necessary changes to ensure the mistake never happens again.


Earning positive Yelp reviews will positively affect your business because it will encourage more customers to visit your business. As earlier stated, many customers trust online reviews from local business review sites like Yelp. When thinking of how Yelp reviews affect your business, it’s important to consider both negative and positive reviews.

Yelp reviews are ranked based on the star system depending on whether you gain or lose a star. This star system mostly affects local businesses because it takes into account both positive and negative reviews.

Negative customer reviews will negatively affect your Yelp star rating and, in turn, hurt customer traffic to your business. On the other hand, Yelp can also have positive reviews that will positively affect your star rating and increase your business visits by customers.

While using Yelp, try as much as possible to attract positive reviews so that potential new customers can develop an interest in your business. During transactions, interact with your customers. This will make them feel comfortable and leave positive reviews. Inquire if they loved their experience at your business, treat them with respect and ask them to drop a review on Yelp.


Where your business reviews rank at TripAdvisor will surely determine the profit that you make in your business. TripAdvisor is effective when building customer trust and boosting your business brand.

TripAdvisor uses bubble rating instead of a star rating. A bubble rating is of greater value because its basis is on the current customer experience with you. This means that it has more influence on attracting potential new customers.

When your customers leave written reviews, they can also leave a scaled rating basing on their experience. Your bubble rating will base on the summary of ratings your customers leave for you.

TripAdvisor uses a popularity ranking index to ensure fairness in the site. This helps to give an accurate representation of how each business performs.


TrustPilot profile pages always tend to appear among top search results with the help of stars that will help you build your business potentiality and emerge strongly from your competition.

Adding TrustPilot product review widgets to your search results will help you market your business. This helps increase the number of visits to your site. When customers leave reviews, this means they are leaving more content on your site. Their product reviews add relevant keywords to your site.

In case you have Google Shopping Campaigns, using TrustPilot will add stars to your products, which will be a great boost to your sales.

G2 helps users find the best software products. If you run a software or SaaS company you should ensure you have a profile on Using is useful for users because they can compare products side by side which gives valuable information on both companies at the same time, so stay competitive! collects reviews from customers using a questionnaire. This is essential because they don’t miss any aspect of the software that is being reviewed. By using to get reviews for your software company you will likely also see a boost in new traffic to your website.

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