Introducing Get Reviews 'In-Store Mode'

Today we are very excited to announce the release of a new feature for our Get Reviews platform… introducing In-Store mode!

Feedback from businesses highlighted to us that many local businesses do not collect customer emails. Our new In-Store mode solves this as it allows these types of companies to setup a tablet within their physical location and ask in person for customers to rate their business to earn more reviews. 

How does it work?

In-Store mode works by getting your physical customers to rate your business.

You first open the Get Reviews platform on your iPad or tablet and initiate the ‘In-Store’ mode. Then you can set and forget the tablet within your store for customers to start rating your business from one to ten. If you are a cafe you might consider leaving the tablet near your coffee collection point while a restaurant or retail store might want consider leaving it closer to the entrance. 

introducing instore mode

Positive ratings are later emailed and asked to leave your business a review. While negative responses are captured allowing you to solve them individually with the customer.

In store review email
Customers who rate positively are asked to review your business

Get Started!

If you’re a customer you can access the In-Store mode straight away from the customers dashboard. Log in to get started.

If you have not yet signed up you can give our In-Store mode a go with a free 7 day trial!  

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