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How to Get More Local Website Traffic

Getting visitors to your website will likely increase your potential customers. There are many ways that you as a local business can increase traffic to your website. When looking for ways to increase visitors, you need to consider ways to find valuable traffic that is more likely to be a real customer. After all, your goal is to make more sales for your business. Targeting local visitors for your website can have a more significant impact on your sales than targeting a broader demographic. Here are some techniques you can deploy to get more local visitors to your website.

1. Local SEO

The first and perhaps most obvious is local SEO. Instead of doing general SEO to rank number one on Google globally, you can carry out local SEO to rank first for local searches. Plenty of users are looking for services that are close to their physical location. e.g. ‘Plumbers near me’. You can read a brilliant beginners guide to local SEO over on the Ahrefs blog.

2. Guest posting

As part of your local SEO efforts you can try out guest posting. Guest posting is still a viable way to get traffic to your website so ignore those that shun it as an  invalid strategy. You can write informative content about a field you are an expert in. So if you are an expert in auto care try to look for sites within the automotive industry to participate in. One option could be to guest blog for the online platform of your local newspaper or car meet-up websites in your area. When you are guest blogging be sure to add a link back to your website so users can find you!

3. Schema optimization

Schema optimisation is a great way to increase traffic to your website. Schema optimization is when you provide extra details about a webpage to help search engines identify your business. You need to state extra info to help search engines show your page on the correct search term. Schema is quite an advanced SEO topic and can get a little technical when trying to implement it so you may want to consult an expert.

4. Social media

Social media platforms are great for generating consistent traffic to your website. Make sure you have business accounts on all the big player sites; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Social medial algorithms generally show content more if it has a high level of engagement. Therefore, you need to have entertaining and engaging content on your social media platforms.

You also need to post relevant local content on social media if you want your followers to look at your website. Ensure any content or posts you make are relevant and informative for your customers. Always remember to use hashtags as well, especially for your local area.

5. Events and sponsorship

As a local business owner, you may want to consider sponsoring local events to gain extra exposure to your local audience. Nowadays, event organizers usually have multiple options to sponsor an event, from simple banners to branding giveaways. Sponsoring an event is a great opportunity to display your company details and get more people onto your website.

A good events can attract thousands of people depending on your area so be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities. Dependent on the event topic you may also consider having a stand at the event to talk about your business and hand out business cards or leaflets about your company. People can refer to the business cards or leaflets later and take a look at your website.

6. Local public relations

Getting exposure through your local media is an affordable way of gaining massive traffic to your website. Try to think of creative ways to get featured in the local news such as donating to a charity or finding a way to give back to the community. Local news stations and papers are still hugely popular so you can gain great results. Doing something that places you on the front page of newspapers or on local TV stations will be sure to get people talking and searching for your businesses website.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to get people to check out your website frequently. You can collect emails of people visiting your business and ask them if they want to stay updated and informed. You can then use this list to help let customers know about new information or upcoming sales. Email marketing is difficult initially because you need to build a list overtime but it can turn be a great marketing opportunity if done right.

8. Paid online ads

If nothing else is working then you can simply pay your way to more traffic with online ads. You can place paid online ads on sites like Facebook and Google. Online ads are not hugely expensive, and they can reach a large number of your local audience. You do not need to be an expert to run a few ads online. However, hiring an expert to do it for you can increase the the return on investment.

9. Paid offline ads

Offline advertising channels are still a viable method for advertising your business locally. You can place ads on billboards, public transport, bus stops, or local classifieds. Having your website added on billboards ensures that people can look up your business straight-away.

There is a lot of information out there on how offline ads are outdated. However, it can still work depending on your business. When one type of ad is not working you may need to try to try and test your way to the best method. By trying several offline marketing channels you can find the one that has the highest returns and stick with it.

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